Starting out

The first page in my journey as a photographer. This website marks the transition from photography as a hobby into something of a career. 

For the 21 years prior to this transition, I spent most of my days sitting at a desk. Staring at a screen. Staring at large documents. Starting at two screens. Staring at ever larger documents. Sometimes having a great view out of my office window, sometimes having a view of a parking structure. It became time for a change.

The change in my career took a while to come about. It took a while to find a way out of my prior career and to be comfortable in switching to a career which involves my passion. Switching from a comfortable life with a regular salary to a more adventurous lifestyle with no guarantee of an income.

My happiness has increased massively. Staring at mountains. Staring at stunning landscapes. Staring at wildlife. Fighting off biting insects. Attempting to convey my emotions in an image as I stare at the sights before me. A massive challenge but one which I can definitely relishing.

Follow me as I continue on this journey...